About Us

Stagridge is a small family business that found its start in Cashiers, North Carolina, primarily working with interior designers and retail stores. 

We often find inspiration from the craftsmanship and wonderful detail of antler furnishings found in Europe many decades ago. 
Today, we make a point to achieve that same level of quality and attention to detail. We use many of the same shed antler, such as: fallow deer, red stag, sika deer, and roe deer. In addition, we use the shed antler of domestic deer found here in the United States to create a unique work of art. 

We also offer custom designs in addition to our collection of antler furnishings- so let your imagination race and feel free to play a part in the design phase.

We update our Instagram with all of our most recent custom projects, so if you don't see something here you love, please head over to Instagram. 

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